Material Application
PC Film

An amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent colorless or slightly yellow thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially have excellent impact resistance, tensile strength, bending strength, high compressive strength; small creep properties, dimensional stability, have stable mechanical properties, and within a wide temperature range it have stable mechanical properties, dimensional stability, electrical properties, and flame retardancy.

Operating temperature::-30~120℃


Surface Effects:glossy, matt, brushed surface

Scope of Application

The flame-retardant PC film is widely used in electronic components, electrical enclosures, switch panel, junction box and charger housing, and requirements of flame-retardant printed panels, automotive, instrument parts, and etc.; printed matt grade PC film is available for specialty printing, helmets, signs, nameplates, hoods; scratch resistant PC films are used in mobile phones, MP3, MP4, DVD, backlighting electronic products such as window lens.

PET Film

PET film is also known as high temperature polyester film with excellent physical properties, chemical properties, dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability and excellent mechanical properties. Its strength and toughness are excellent among all of the thermoplastics, the tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than the average film, and have very good adhesion, dimensional stability. In addition, it has excellent heat and cold resistance as well as chemical and oil resistance.

Operating temperature::-60~120℃


Surface Effects:glossy, matt, brushed surface

Scope of Application

PET film is divided into: PET shrinking film, PET anti-static film, PET high gloss film, PET reflective film, and chemical coating film. Wherein the chemical coating film is mainly used to improve the surface properties of the PET film, coating with an acrylic emulsion can improve the printability of PET coated polyurethane aqueous solutions which can enhance the binding force of the aluminum layer and the PET base film. The PET high gloss film because of its excellent mechanical and optical performance is mainly used in high-end vacuum aluminum products and laser anti-counterfeiting base film. The PET reflective film because of its excellent optical properties as well as anti-aging, thermal stability, and etc., is mainly used in reflective billboards, traffic reflective logo, and industrial safety signs.

PMMA film is also known as poly (methyl methacrylate) film is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, has good chemical stability, is weathering resistance, and good comprehensive mechanical properties. PMMA is in the forefront of general plastic rankings, also PMMA resin when broken does not easily produce sharp fragments. The United States, Japan, and other countries and regions have made mandatory provisions in the law that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens must have PMMA resin in the glass used in the buildings.

Operating temperature::30~80℃


Surface Effects:glossy, matt, brushed surface

Scope of Application
PMMA films scope of applications is very wide and has been widely used in the automotive industry (signal equipment, instrument panel, etc.), pharmaceutical industry (blood storage containers, etc.), industrial applications (DVD, light scattering detector), electronic buttons (especially transparent ones), and consumer goods (beverage cups, stationery, etc.). At the same time because of its excellent optical properties, the white light transparency is up to 92%. PMMA products have very low birefringence and are particularly suitable for the production of the DVD and advanced optical lenses.
PI Film

PI film is also known as polyimide film and it is a new high temperature resistant organic polymer film. It is a good insulating thin-film type material with high performance, such as excellent mechanical and electrical properties, chemical stability, high radiation resistance and high and low temperature resistance.

Operating temperature::-269~280℃

Thickness:0.0125 mm -0.25mm

Surface Effects:golden mirror

Scope of Application

It is a good insulating thin-film type material with high performance  and it has a good heat-resistance among all of the varieties of industrialized polymer materials. Due to its superior performance, the film has been widely used in various fields of aviation, marine, spacecraft, rockets, missiles, atomic energy, electrical and electronic industries.

PP Film
PP film is divided into two types: unstretched film and biaxially stretched film. With extrusion blown molding process, unstretched PP film can be made into an inflated PP film (IPP), and the T-molding method can make casting PP (CPP). Biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) was the newly developed type of film for the purpose to replace cellophane; it has a high mechanical strength, good toughness, good transparency and gloss.

Operating temperature::-15~55℃

Thickness:0.05 mm -0.35mm

Surface Effects:excellent gloss and transparency

Scope of Application
PP film because of its excellent features is applied in all aspects of daily life, used mainly for printing and as the heat seal film on composite bags; is applied also as an ultra-thin high matt film finish for books, advertising books, gift bags, and paper and plastic composites; for plaster, label, adhesive tape, and other gum products coated with silicone oil release film; for fishing rods, golf clubs, and other industrial products that have a winding form; used directly in the food heat-sealing packaging bags’ heat sealing aluminized film; for high transparent adhesive tape production, paper product composites with high transparent film and etc.
PS Film
PS film is also known as polystyrene film that has high transparency and gloss, beautiful, good printing performance, and excellent metal evaporation resistance; and low water absorption, high transmittance of gas and water vapor. PS film is divided into two types: unstretched and biaxially stretched film. The unstretched PS film is hard and brittle, have little usage value. The biaxially stretching BOPS film’s physical and mechanical properties have been significantly improved and still maintain the original transparency and gloss.

Operating temperature::-40~95℃


Scope of Application
PS films are mainly used for thermoforming various cups, plates, dishes, snack, medicine, and other packaging products, also commonly used in the windows of carton packaging and light food packaging. The other use can be for bonding metal foil insulation and EMI/FRI shielding, such as PC light-diffusing film that also have efficient anti-static, good weathering resistance, and is particularly suitable for the LCD backlight module uses.
Composite Film

The composite film is a composite made of a polymer material thin film of oil consisting of two or more layers of different film materials and through compositing can be become a single material. The substrate used in various thin film plastic material such as PE, PC, PP, PA, PVC, PET, and etc., in the production of the application process, often encountered that the characteristics of a material can not meet the performance requirements of the product. Hence this is where the overall performance of the composite film materials comes in, also because of its variety of excellent performances it has become a comprehensive material that is widely used.

*PC+PET Film: high mechanical properties of a PC and the high heat resistance of PET. 
*PC+PMMA Film: have the characteristics of hardness, strong strength and anti-oxidation and PMMA have high performance optical effect. 
*PC+PBT Film: excellent formability, dynamic load capacity, resistant to chemicals, good printing and punching performance scope of applications.

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