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Printing Ink
The Company uses the most diverse types of ink and paints to achieve the desired effects and requests of our customers, here are some of the inks and paints: printing ink, solvent-based ink, UV ink, water-based ink, special ink, liquid crystal ink, pearlescent ink, electro-luminescent ink, fluorescent ink, and scented ink; nitrolacquer, PU paint, and UV paint.
Solvent-based Inks

Solvent-based ink is widely used in China, the organic solvents are added in as the carrier of resin pigments mainly so coloring is performed by penetrating into the surface of the substrate. Solvent-based inks provide users with a longer service life without the need for lamination but they need to be heated during printing and drying. The solvent-based inks contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) so ventilation and other air treatment measures are required in the plant.

UV Inks

UV ink is ultra violet ink. It refers to the use of ultraviolet light of different wavelengths and energy under ultraviolet irradiation to polymerize the monomers in the ink connector into polymers, so that the ink becomes a film and a dry ink. UV radiation curing technology is a new green technology developed internationally since the 1970s, the UV ink has the advantages of free volatile organic compounds (VOC), small environmental pollution, fast curing speed, energy saving, good curing product performance, suitable for high-speed automated production, etc., it is economical and efficient. At present, it has covered all printing fields, especially on the substrate surface of metal mirror gloss. By the silk screen printing process, it can produce a unique visual effect, which is elegant, solemn and luxurious. It is the alternative to traditional inks now.

Water-based Inks

Water-based ink is mainly made of water-soluble resins, organic pigments, solvents and related additives by composite grinding and processing. Water-based inks can be divided into ordinary water-based inks and water-based UV inks according to the different water-soluble resins. The water-based resins used in ordinary water-based inks mainly include maleic acid resin, urethane resin, water-based amino resin, carboxymethyl cellulose and water-soluble acrylic resin. Different resins reflect different characteristics of inks. At present, the ink selected with water-soluble acrylic modified resin as the linker has significant advantages in terms of gloss, weather resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and pollution resistance, and is the main water-based ink used today. Water-based UV ink is mainly a new type of environmentally friendly ink formulated from water-based light-curing resin, photo initiator, pigment, amine substance, water, co-solvent and other additives. It not only solves the strong corrosive characteristics of ordinary UV inks, but also has the advantages of environmental protection, easy operation and good thixotropy, which making it widely used in the field of high-performance printing. In short, with the gradual strengthening of environmental awareness, water-based inks will gradually replace conventional inks with their environmental protection performance that does not contain volatile organic solvents and is conducive to the health of employees to become the main products selected by the industry.

Specialty Inks

Special inks belong to anti-counterfeiting inks, which are the basis for forming anti-counterfeiting inks. It can be applied to packaging, advertising albums, publications, etc. Pearlescent printing can be implemented in major printing methods such as offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing and silk screen printing.

there are some types:

Liquid crystal ink: a compound with crystalline properties added to the ink, displaying light and dark patterns and colors due to lattice changes under the influence of weak current and temperature. Labels and packaging printed with this ink react with changes in temperature;

Pearlescent inks: reproduce the luster and color of natural pearls, shells, butterflies, swimming fish and metals. It has low price and excellent durability. It can prevent the reproduction of scanners, electric extensions and color copiers;

Electroluminescent ink: E and L luminous sheets printed with electroluminescent inks have the advantages that ordinary light sources cannot match: it adopts cold light sources, long service life, ultra-thin luminescence, uniform brightness, less power consumption, high visibility, free bending, and diverse colors;

Fluorescent ink: made of fluorescent pigment, which has the property of converting ultraviolet shortwaves into longer visible light and reflecting more dazzling colors, and is one of the more widely used inks in ticket printing;

Fragrance ink: The difference between fragrance ink and ordinary ink is that the fragrance is applied, in order to maintain the stability and persistence of the fragrance, the fragrance is made into a microcapsule with fragrance, and it is directly added to the ink. The ink can be adapted to a variety of printing methods.


Paint refers to a material that can be applied to the surface of the coated object and can form a continuous film that adheres firmly. Coated with a layer of paint film on the surface of the product, can not only get a colorful appearance, play a role in beautifying the human living environment, but more importantly, it can make the product have anti-corrosion, waterproof, oil-proof, chemical-resistant, lightfast, temperature-resistant functions, and play a protective role in the product. Paint is mainly composed of film-forming substances, secondary film-forming substances and auxiliary film-forming substances. It can be divided into nitro paint, PU paint and UV paint according to different film-forming substances.


Nitro paint is a kind of transparent paint made of nitrified cotton, alkyd resin, plasticizer and organic solvent, which is a volatile paint, and its main characteristics are fast drying, smooth paint film and soft gloss. Nitro paint can be divided into three types: bright, semi-matte and matte, which can be selected according to the specific requirement. There are two types of auxiliary agent, one for harmonizing and curing and another one is for preventing whitening in wet environment.


PU paint, also known as polyurethane paint, is a general term for all polyester coatings. It is mainly composed of a main agent, a curing agent and a diluent. The film forming naturally and does not require special processes. PU paint as a kind of paint currently used by construction and industry, the technology is very mature, so its comprehensive performance is excellent, with good hardness, good fullness, good adhesion, good durability, good hand feel and other characteristics, and its adhesion is particularly good, gloss are weighed, can be a good display of the spinning and color of the substrate. However, PU paint is a solvent-based paint, so it is not very environmentally friendly, and special attention needs to be paid to protective measures when operating.


UV paint is ultraviolet light-curing paint, also known as light-initiated coating, light-curing paint. It is a coating that can quickly cure into a film in a few seconds under ultraviolet radiation. UV paint is different from the PU paint, PE paint and NC paint commonly used in ordinary furniture companies, and is a truly green and environmentally friendly paint, which does not contain any volatile substances. Compared with ordinary paint, UV paint film is a three-dimensional structure with good hardness, wear resistance, transparency, scratch-resistant, friction-resistant. More importantly, the harmful substances in the plate are decomposed and dried by the ultraviolet light curing machine in the production so the product is more environmental friendly. Therefore, as a green and environmentally friendly coating, UV paint is widely used in the printing of daily necessities and construction industry.


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