IMD Injection Process
Process Description

The IMD injection process is where a decorative printed punched film is placed between the injection mold and the resin film, and then they are integrally bonded with a curing technology.

IMD process includes IML, IMF, and IMR: IML (In Molding Label): the film is placed in between the injection molds is non-stretching, small 2D curved shape, the whole process is;

printing → punching → injection. Suitable for 2D products; IMF (In Molding Forming): molding of the film is through the vacuum/high pressure forming process, the whole process is;

printing → forming → punching → inner plastic injection. Suitable for 3D products. IMR (In Molding Roller): using heat transfer technology, the whole process of PET FILM is;

printed film is placed between the mold and injection gate → machine injects resin until mold is filled and film is bonded to resin→ as resin hardens, the transfer of film is finished. IMD products have high-definition, are 3D, surface is scratch resistance, and design modeling patterns can be freely changed, and enhances product aesthetic appearance.


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