Company Vision

Our involvement in the day-to-day management of our organization enable us to maintain our cutting edge technology, consistently raising the level of expertise when it comes to product identification, electromechanical interface and decorative products. Our entire team is committed to our customer’s short and long term goals and always staying abreast of changing technology and market conditions. Our ultimate goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations every time, be on time, and at projected reducing cost. We endlessly pursue excellence for our customers through continual improvements in our technology, manufacturing, and business practices.


 Company Mission
With superior technology, excellent quality, 
cost-efficient production processes, accurate delivery service,
sincerity in creating personal and corporate growth, and is committed to the protection of the natural environment, 
and for the purpose to obtain the full satisfaction of the customer.



 Company Value

Appropriate measure of our effectiveness exactly in line with the group of companies operating objectives and customer needs.
Understanding our customers needs and exceed their future needs and expectations.
Continuously stimulating new ideas, increase competitiveness
Our customers, suppliers, colleagues, and work partners are treated with reason and good faith.
Introduce, cultivate, and maintain a team that have motivation and right values, and given full authority and empowerment to take full advantage of the potential and ability of individuals and corporate 
Taken from the community, giving back to the community



 Company spirit

Irreplaceable leader in the surface material parts industry

■ Spirit indicators

‧pursuit of excellent performance and demonstrate social responsibility
‧respect of authority
‧exceed expectations

 Company driving force

Produce innovative products, provide excellent service, are on leading-edge technology, and have outstanding marketing orientations to drive KEE’s global competitiveness.



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