Kunshan KEE Ever Bright Decorative Technology Company and LTD.
Emily Fang

Thank you for visiting KEE website.

KEE has already been founded for 51 years and I have also devoted 33 years in serving the company.

It has been an amazing journey and every year our KEE team keeps exceeding the expectations as we grow and expand.

With the new turn of becoming a privatized company in 2015, we are excited with the new level of freedom and agility that we can master to support our response to the market and to be ready for the next level of expansion.

KEE will devote more resource to R&D, we will commit to create more value added, artistic and fully functional products for our customers.

We believe our competitiveness and the leading position in the industry will continue to climb with our commitment to innovation and excellence, and our unrelenting support to our partners and customers.

As I have mentioned in the past. "Keep Exceeding Expectations and Create beautiful things for all to see" is the motto of KEE. It is not just applying in our work, but also can be implementing in our everyday life and to our society.

Keep Exceeding the Expectations!!! This is the experience that you can count on us!



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