Consolidation by every step for a sustainable management and to become familiar with the mature technology of innovative unique decorative effects. 
At the forefront of research and development and a resolution of creating a difference in the market. 
Excel to grow and learn to become a source of fruit of knowledge for the customers.
Deliver exceedingly amazing experience and minimalist production capabilities to customers. 

Deliver exceedingly amazing experience and minimalist production capabilities to customers. 
Actively create a good corporate culture with the business philosophies of “honesty, hard work, pursuit of excellence, creates innovation, teamwork, and customers’ first mentality”. 


PO coordination,Customer services,Engineering support and Project management.

 10F., NO.13,Sec.2,Beitou Rd.,Beitou Dist.,Taipei City 11268, Taiwan. 
 Tel: +886-2-77030999
 Fax: +886-2-77032000
  Kunshan KEE Ever Bright Decorative Technology CO., LTD.
KEE is a one-stop manufacturing company, from R & D, design, production, to complete shipment supply chain management, adding value in a fast and agile way for the customers. 

 No.1098, Kunjia Rd, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province 215300, China. 
 Tel: +86-512-57702530
 Fax: +86-512-57710393
Customer services,Engineering support and Project management.

 Tel: +1-714-695-9638

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