2024 Apr. - Awarded as an outstanding enterprise of creating high-quality and intellectual property in Kunshan Development Area.
  Apr. - Passed Level 2 safety & production standardization.
2023 Apr. -Honored as candidate of Suzhou Intellectual Property Strong Enterprise Cultivation Project for Growth-oriented Enterprises.
  Nov. -Certified as Technology Center by Suzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau.
  Nov. -Certified as High-Technology Corp. for 3 years. (Cert. No.: GR202332000037).
  Gained 9 patents in YR2023, including 2 IME technology invention patents and 7 utility models patents.
2022 Oct. -Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau organized a project, Suzhou Innovation Capability Establishing Project, and authorized KEE as Suzhou IME Engineering Technology Research Center.
  Dec. -Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology identified KEE as Specialized, refined, and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
  Gained 10 patents in YR2022 , including 6 utility model patents and 4 Software copyright patents.
2021 Dec. -KEB passed the certificate of government project for IP management(GB/T 29490-2013).
  In 2021, 9 patents were approved.
2020 Feb. -The Kunshan government approved KEE compliance with COVID-19 management standards and prioritized the resumption of manufacturing.
  Sep. -Successfully phased in self-development automation equipment for IML/IME technology to achieve unmanned injection workstation for IML/IME product.
  Sep. -Kunshan Science and Technology Bureau organized a project, Kunshan Innovation Capability Establishing Project, and authorized KEE as Kunshan Electronic Product Appearance Application Engineering Technology Research Center.
  Dec. – Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Department of Finance of Jiangsu Province, State Administration of Taxation, and the State Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu Province issued a high-tech enterprise technical certificate.
2019 Sep. -The strategic extending electroforming line obtained VDA6.3 certification.
2018 May. -To further expand the company's social responsibility mission, Chairman Emily Fang found a social welfare foundation with her father's name, the Fang Hsing-Chung Social Welfare Foundation for Horses in Education and Health to support the Horse-Riding Therapy for children with disability.
  Aug. -Successfully integrated IML / IME technology and its application to domestic electric vehicle development projects.
  Sep. -Looking towards a new future, the new operating entity internally offering of shares inviting key management team member to join.
2017 May. -Co-developing IME Car Remote Control keyless technology with electrical Strategic partner.
2016 May. -Successfully implement the double injection technology in automobile and medical device user interface parts applications.
2015 Apr. - Former controlling shareholder SONEM signed the stock transfer agreement with ChangShi and JiaShi to sell all shares. SONEM exit from KEE.
  Aug. - KEE Group separate from listed company and become a private company.
  Oct. - Completion of its transition to become a new KEE. All the services continue.
2014 Jul. - Supply agreement with BASO PRECISION OPTICS LTD. expired.
  Nov.- KEE Taiwan invest in BASO PRECISION OPTICS LTD.
  Dec.- Construction completed for resource recovery room, phase 5 warehouse and center for RD and mold production.
2013 KEE Group acquired Sur Tec Technology (SUZHOU) Co., Ltd, to expand the market into touch panel field.
  Set up strategic alliance with BASO PRECISION OPTICS LTD. to produce optical lenses.
  Start construction of resource recovery room, phase 5 warehouse and the center for RD and mold production.
2012 Sept. – At the 26th Acquisition and Reorganization of Audit Conference, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and listed company merger and reorganization review committee, unconditionally passed the Company’s major asset restructuring matters.
2011 May. – In Taiwan New Taipei City, Tamsui District, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary “KEE TAIWAN CO., LTD.”
2010 Apr. – Passed IPO audit by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.
  Aug. – Listed on the appreciation party held at Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen.
  Aug. – Officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange A-share listing.
  Sept. – Listed on the appreciation banquet held at Sovereign Hotel in Kunshan City.
  Sept. – Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province, Department of Finance of Jiangsu Province, the State Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu Province, and Local Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu Province issued a high-tech enterprise technical certificate.
2009 Jan. – Company officially started using “KEE Ever Bright Decorative Technology Co., Ltd.”
  May. – Established KEE HONG KONG LIMITED.
2008 Installment of new office building.
  Oct. – Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary of KEE EUROPE GmbH in Germany.
  The 2K8 Series PHILIPS personal consumer products Innovation Research Award.
  In June, the company successfully took the lead in the industry to develop luminescent (EL, Electro Luminescent) IML products, that has a broad prospects for application in 3C products.
2007 Mar. – Kunshan KEE Trademark Limited, formally changed to Kunshan KEE Trademark Co., Ltd.
  The company assisted Gateway in launching its first laptop IML shell.
  NOKIA selected the company as the world’s only IML film decoration technology qualified supplier (PREFERRED IML TECHNOLOGY APPROVED SUPPLIER).
  Philips identified the company as a global qualified supplier and awarded an exemption from inspection supplier qualification.
  Received PHILIPS Small Appliances Latest Technology Innovation Award.
  In March, company is the first in the industry to achieve volume production of 3D vacuum sputtering coating (PVD) process, used in Philips razor and Motorola Bluetooth receiver.
2006 Demolition of an office building, construction of a new office building.
  Received Nokia global quality system certification, thus had the opportunity to cooperate and develop Nokia Corporation products.
  Company obtained the LG best supplier certificate.
2005 Assisted Motorola in launching its first overall shell phone using IML technology.
2004 Ms. Emily Fang opened Australia business development and investment in the field of medical industry.
2003 The company became the first domestic Nokia Global nameplates orders production enterprises, became one of only two professional Nokia nameplates supplier, also the only supplier in Asia.
2002 Third phase of plant construction completed and put into use.
2001 Received Motorola phone display supplier qualification, began third phase of plant construction.
  公The Company became the first in the country to develop mercury-free crystal forming material.
2000 Received Hangzhou Eastern Communications phone casing supplier qualification, number of employees increased to more than 900 people.
  KEE Group was established.
1999 Second phase of plant construction completed and put into use, received Motorola’s “Phone trademark supplier qualification” and Shanghai General Motors Co., supplier qualification, number of employees up to 500 people.
1998 Received Suzhou Philips Consumer Electronics Co., Ltd. supplier qualification, begin second phase of plant construction on newly purchased 10 acres of land on the northside.
1997 Mr. Risheng Liao introduced IMD technology in the combination of nameplates and plastic crafts.
1996 Received Shanghai Aurora office equipment Co., Ltd. supplier qualification.
1995 Kunshan KEE first phase office building, plant, and dormitory completed and open for trial production.
  Dec. – Establishment of KEE INTERFACE TECHNOLOGY, INC. in Los Angeles, United States.
1994 First time to participate in the Auto Parts and Accessories Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.
1993 Mar. – Kunshan KEE Trademark Co., Ltd. established foundation at intersection in Kunshan Kunjia Road and Qingyang Road.
1992 Mr. Risheng Liao and Ms. Emily Fang go hand in hand into expanding export market research in Europe.
1991 KEE relocated to Taipei County, Tamshui Township, Danjin Road, Section 4, #11.
1988 Jul. – Company changed name to KEE Trademark Co., Ltd., obtained business registration certificate from the Taipei City Government (Taipei City Construction Company (77) #021044), capital of NT ninety million yuan, the place of business is on No. 22, Building 1, Alley 2, Lane 66, Xingning Street, Wanhua District, Taipei.
1987 Jun. – KEE Industrial Co., Ltd. obtained the license of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Taipei Builders No. 00021044), total capital of NT five million yuan.
  Jun. – KEE Industrial Co., Ltd. obtained the Taipei government business registration certificate (Taipei City Construction Company (57) #021044), tax identification number 15180402.
1983 KEE invested in the American market to become a major supplier of nameplates and auto parts to U.S. customer, American Racing.
1966 Jan. – KEE Industrial Co., Ltd. obtained the license of Ministry of Economic Affairs (Company Station Builders No. 6401), total capital of NT two hundred thousand.
1965 Founded KEE Industrial Co., Ltd in #45, Section 2, Xiyuan Road, Shuangyuan District, Taipei City, Taiwan, fewer than ten employees.

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